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Clearwater Ship Management

Clearwater manages from Rotterdam, the shipping gateway to Europe.

The Management Board consist of Managing Director/Owner Mark Breijer and Managing Director Martijn Mobach, supported by Management Assistant Anne Gunter.

Fleet management is headed by Wessel van Leeuwen.

Mireille Teekens is responsible for Human Capital.

The Financial department is managed by Financial Controller Maxim van der Baan, Head of Accounting Arco Ardon and Financial Employee Carmen van Olderen.


To excel in Ship Management by making ships perform.


InnoVize Ship Management: Be a positive force of change in the maritime world by delivering the difference with our:

ClearVision in Ship Management

Martijn 2017.jpg

Martijn Mobach

Managing Director +31(0)10-820 9450

Wessel 2017.jpg

Wessel van Leeuwen

Fleet Manager +31(0)10-820 9455

Anne 2017.jpg

Anne Gunter

Management Assistant +31(0)10-820 9456

Nancy 2017.jpg

Nancy Reijerkerk

Reception +31(0)10-820 9450

Mireille 2017.jpg

Mireille Teekens

 HR Officer +31(0)10-820 9454

Maxim 2017.jpg

Maxim van der Baan

Financial Controller +31(0)10-820 9473

Arco 2017.jpg

Arco Ardon

Head of Accounting +31(0)10-820 9476

Carmen 2017.jpg

Carmen van Olderen

Financial Employee +31(0)10-820 9475



Clearwater Ship Management
Waalhaven O.z.  83 B 
Dockworks I, 1st Floor
3087 BM Rotterdam 
The Netherlands

Phone +31 10 820 9450  

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