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Ship Management B.V.

your quality ship manager since 1995.

Our name is equal to the purest type of chemical compounds: Clear water!

We deliver a full package in management: engaged crew, qualified technical and quality teams, concerned management and a controlled financial team. 

“It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage.” - George William Curtis, American writer, and public speaker, 1824-1892.


We have specialized in tankers ever since 1995. Our primary focus is on tankers, worldwide and short-sea trade, and intensive trading under vetting requirements. We combine a strong commitment with a tight span of control to deliver tanker performance.

The best crew

Clearwater knows that ship owning is a testing venture, that you carry all the risks and face all the challenges. So we are here as your confidant during your marine adventure. Providing you with the best crew to run your ship.

We have a dedicated crew pool of experienced and certified tanker crewmembers. They have the competency to handle intensive trading of high-value cargoes and know that a good team spirit helps to weather any storm.

Tankers - About us - Clearwater Group



The Best Performance - About us - Clearwater Group

The best performance

Modern-day challenges require modern-day work. So we have a hands-on mentality. We do not cling to old habits. We embrace innovation in technology, and work.

Our workplace culture is an open-minded environment. We value close collaboration and open discussions. So we can make the best decisions and keep our focus sharp on the performance of your fleet. Our combined shipping experience supports our team competency.

Our work is demanding, and we are passionate about it. Ships operate 24/365, so do we. We do everything to maximize your ship’s performance while keeping the right life-work-play balance.


When customers notice how transparent we work on their ship, they know they can trust us. The result is a positive voyage outcome and a satisfied ship owner.

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