Our engaged crews change
the modus operandi.

No commitment gap, no void in work ethics. Just full on dedication for your fleet. By crewing in pools per fleet we build collective knowledge and a work culture where your contribution legacy matters. Crewing your ship with Engaged crews is our mission by recruiting, training, developing the crew to exactly fit your fleet.

Competency and attitude over nationality

Our unmediated crewing network sources from UKR, RUS, CRO, SER, NL, POL, FRA, LIT and LET. Our crews are so multi-national leaving no room for polarity. The simplest tooling is settings clear goals and communicating expectations. Every good man wants to belong to the tribe, contribute to the challenge, rise to the occasion, and be rewarded and reknown for achievement. Never a number, always a person.

Crewing different by engagement.

Knowing every crewmember on a firstname basis helps quite a bit.” Miranda Vigo - Crewing

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