Ship Management
as a Service


Transparency, solutions,

Dear Partner!

Full Ship Management is Clearwater’s core, and we differentiate by transparency, solutions, performance.

 Clearwater aims for growth in Tanker, Offshore, Dry Bulk, RoPax.

Our systems are agile and scalable.

Our human capital is empowered and engaged.
Making all the difference.

With our growth ambition for Clearwater we make sure to always have enough Human Capital in our team to accommodate growth.


Recently 2 partners reached out to us for support for skilled and competent manpower with the attitude to solve and ability to effect.


So Clearwater launches SMaaS!
Short for: “ShipManagement as a Service”.

SMaaS - Your on-demand flexibility in Ship Management. Exclusive to partners. As a service…

Presently two partners are supported with SMaaS Superintendency:

  • 3 months – Gastankers - due to fleet growth
  • 2 months – General Cargo - due to HC shortage


The SMaaS Services are:

  • Superintendency
  • Inspections / audits / Snapshot ship health check
  • Vessel upgrading management
  • Repair Supervision
  • Procurement
  • Dry docking
  • Administration Accounting

SMaaS works with capped dayrates as we are a partner and not just another supplier forking in revenues. On trust and in transparency we want to build a lasting partnering.

"Which SMaaS works for you? Priviliged to prepare a SMaaS proposal for you!"

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