Work rules

  • Clearwater Work:
  • Empowered
  • Hard
  • Smart

Modern day challenges require modern day work. In Clearwater we are workers, hands-on and on the ball. But we have a different take on work, we do not cling on to legacy, we embrace innovation in technology, and in work.

Smart & Hard Work.

We empower 
our people

In working smart we empower our people with: the freedom to be the best in their job, and our Clearwater toolbox.

When customers transparently see us work their ship, they know they can trust us. We partner in trust to deliver performance. A performing ship with positive voyage results makes any owner happy.

“Trust emerges when we have a sense that the other person is driven by things other than their own personal gain.” - Simon Sinek


"In decision making we steer by our core values: CANDOR, SPEED,TRUST & INNOVATION"


We believe you are the best in your job, we empower you to do the best job possible. We give you all the freedom to give your job your best and shine in your job. Appreciating the freedom you get in your job; we expect you to work in freedom:

  • from the Vision; and
  • towards the mission.

In Clearwater you are allowed to:

  • Make the decision you think is the right decision to make.
  • Start something that needs to be started.
  • Ask for help whenever you want it.
  • Help others whenever you can (even if they do not ask for it).
  • Take time to do something that inspires, excites and energizes you.

We solve problems by involving all expertise and competence around. By communicating clearly and by positively engaging with the problem we face. There is a solution for every problem.

In your work:

  • Exceed expectations.
  • Overdeliver on your promises.
  • Beat your deadline communication.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Give feedback and take feedback valiantly. Feedback is positive attention; somebody else cares enough about your performance and your success to give you feedback.

Criticism is another story, criticism is not feedback.

Do's and Don'ts

We commit to everybody’s safety. And empower everybody to STOP Work in any unsafe situation.

Always prepare! Preparation is key to success. Preparation avoids stress, and the prepared always have a great deal of luck on their side.

Be frank and unreserved in your communication. Be clear and open. Listen to the response you get and read that response with attention > Communication is 50% about listening.

Working involves risk taking. Do take risks, only when it is a calculated risk and when it is a manageable risk. Never just take risk, never.

It is okay to make mistakes, as we learn from mistakes. It is not okay to make accidents, accidents are irreversible, mistakes are reversible.

We take the human element into consideration. Manage your team, their nutrition, their rest and their fatigue. Avoid losing idle time waiting for being standby. be efficient with everybody’s work time and energy.

Be energetic and dedicated. Avoid doing difficult tasks when your energy is low. Match the work to your energy-level.

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