Let's move on!

clearwater-crew-fleet-solutions-clearvision.jpg23 Dec We've moved to: Scheepvaartweg 9 3356 LL Papendrecht. full story

Ousting Sulphur

clearvision_blog6_1.jpg03 Dec In the nineteen-nineties Sulphur in diesel for cars steadily lowered and correspondingly, not surprisingly, Sulphur in residual fuels for ships increased by a few percent… A green hoax that had a ... full story

Ocean Clean Up Now – avoid inflow!

clearvision_blog5_1.jpg08 Oct As an avid supporter of the ocean clean up Clearwater closely follows the System001 progress. We had to note a mechanical failure and the system not keeping the scooped plastics in the net. Trial ... full story

Outhouse - insourced

Outhouse - insourced _1.jpg13 Aug Over and above all our strong, yes they are a bit over the top, business convictions, we are the agile and embedded ship manager, making your ships perform. Reversing the terminology, we are your ... full story

Established 1995: No Legacy, all agility

Established 1995- No Legacy, all agility _2.jpg18 Jun 23 years of history filled with shipping’s trials and tribulations taught us our business values. And made us passionate about making ships perform. Yet we are still all agility. Clearwater’s ... full story

A whole different animal

blog2_clearvision.jpg23 Apr Clearwater incorporated in 1995, 24Vision started in 2016, combining 23 business-years, with a rebel spirit for renewing the way shipping conducts business. Or with Clearwater… Jointly we are a ... full story

Read about us in Inside Marine magazine

Clearvision-Read-about-us-in-Inside-Marine-magazine.jpg05 Apr Check out Inside Marine magazine (page 83-87) for an article about us. full story

Synchronicity 2019

ClearWater-2100.jpg28 Feb Synchronicities always pace themselves to your path, coming when they come, apparently coincidentally. We are in eager anticipation of 2019, especially of the synchronicities ahead. So far ... full story

ClearVision’s New Year’s Resolutions

clearvision-newyears-resolutions-news-clearvision.jpg02 Jan ClearVision’s New Year’s Resolutions for our present and soon-to-be customers: In 2019 we will (continue to): Partner with you on your marine adventure Side with you on all your maritime ... full story
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