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The future of Marlow & Clearwater

_0865Clearwater (1).jpg01 Jun 2022

Marlow Navigation and Clearwater joined forces in 2021. But what specifically does that mean? What has already changed and what is still to come? We would be happy to tell you more about that.

Marlow Navigation is an expert in crew and ship management, for dry cargo in particular. Clearwater specializes in tanker management. Both companies are now linked while retaining their own brand, but benefiting fully from the cooperation, knowledge, and efficiency. 

Knowledge & efficiency

The great thing about the collaboration is that we can use each other's services as well as benefit from each other's knowledge and work more efficiently by jointly organizing things like purchasing, fleet insurance, and manpower. These effects will become more visible over the course of this year. 


Another change that is also being worked on is expansion. The number of tankers will grow so that we will be able to take on larger projects in addition to serving the current customers with the existing services.

_0788Clearwater (1)


All these steps contribute to the future-proofing of Marlow and Clearwater. That future will present us with a number of challenges, with the climate targets at the forefront. The entire shipping industry is facing a challenge in this respect. Emissions of harmful substances and CO2 must be drastically reduced. This transition represents an enormous challenge for all shipping companies, but we are in a strong position with the knowledge and qualities that Marlow and Clearwater have together. Hydrogen, hybrid, LNG, electric, whatever the solution turns out to be and whatever ships the market needs, we are ready. 

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