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Ocean Clean Up Now – avoid inflow!

clearvision_blog5_1.jpg08 Oct

As an avid supporter of the ocean clean up Clearwater closely follows the System001 progress. We had to note a mechanical failure and the system not keeping the scooped plastics in the net. Trial and error are one of the best development and improvement techniques in innovation.

For sure the tweaks will improve and gradually a fully functional system will evolve. Or not, then for sure another solution will be masterminded. The movement towards clean-up is definitely getting more and more traction. Passion is the driving force to persevere and create solutions.

Meanwhile, around the clock, every tide washes plastics into the oceans. Mainly, over 80% from Asian Cities, where there is no formal garbage removal, and ignorance and lack of awareness just simply maintains the plastics inflow.

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“Stop plastics entering our oceans, ensure recycling, ensure proper garbage collection facilities. The simplest , most common solution will do more for the oceans and is faster than the OceanCleanUp.”

Growing prosperity, a bigger middle class, more consumption, the migration to cities. All are factors that stimulate the use of plastics. Without garbage removal and recycling this is a lost battle. The hope for a bettering future perspective for our ocean’s is in the people that have taken the challenge and spend thousands of hours of research and engineering in this project. The goal is worth all the effort, as clean oceans, free of pollutants and debris are a cause every seaman relates to.

So the oceans need action now, legislation, mobilization of governments, pressure groups , and ofcourse UN, get in gear and resolve this situation.

In May 2019 in Geneva, 187 countries passed the strongest controls ever on international trade in plastic waste. This may be the start to stopping the use of development countries as a plastic waste dumping ground. Following the new international agreement, any country now has the right to refuse the import of dirty or contaminated plastic. (Source: @BreakFreeFromPlastic, @futurecrunch)

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