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Outhouse - insourced

Outhouse - insourced _1.jpg13 Aug

Over and above all our strong, yes they are a bit over the top, business convictions, we are the agile and embedded ship manager, making your ships perform.

Reversing the terminology, we are your outhouse and insourced ship manager. We side with you and team up on your marine adventure. Fully engaged and ship-centric, no product to sell, just plain partnering to deliver with candor and speed.

This mentality we learned from experience since Clearwater’s establishment in 1995. And now deploy with enthusiasm for our partners, the shipping entrepreneurs, on their very diverse marine adventures.

“On your own and not alone, as Clearwater sides with you always.”

For success the shipowner’s Clearwater experience is to feel as having your own vertically integrated team. Not an alienating third-party product-driven approach, but a horizontal partnership. Embedded and engaged to deliver performance by solutions in crystal clear transparency.

Out-of-your-house yet 100%-sourced-into-your-business. Clearwater & Clearwater Ship Management.

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