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Established 1995: No Legacy, all agility

Established 1995- No Legacy, all agility _2.jpg18 Jun

23 years of history filled with shipping’s trials and tribulations taught us our business values. And made us passionate about making ships perform. Yet we are still all agility.

Clearwater’s history has not given us a straitjacket-legacy capping our drive for innovation. We move legacy-free and innovate agile and fast. No compromises, just always going for the best solution. Our ambition is already 10 steps ahead, dreaming of the next innovation.

In 2018 Clearwater’s team implemented: our shipowners’ APP, cloudbased crew management, cloudbased financial dashboards, cloudbased invoice approval, cloudbased dry dock management.

Agile Innovation is more about a mindset than about buying power. We simply search harder for that solution that meets all demands and suits the cashbox too. Innovation is fueled by dreams; work is so much more efficient and fun when you have good tools and lots of data to work with. Repetitive jobs and clerical work are always a target for innovation.

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In 2019 implementation is scheduled of a cloudbased cyber security manager, realtime spend management, SMART procurement and a SMART maintenance manager which will change the game.

Our Direct Digital philosophy trims away all intermediary steps and speeds up processes. Adding value is much more rewarding when you do a job that matters to the performance. You immediately see results and know that you contributed, innovation often is the bridging link to job satisfaction.

Our innovation is 100% customer-centric, delivering performance solutions for every specific marine adventure. Ever since 1995.

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