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A whole different animal

blog2_clearvision.jpg23 Apr

Clearwater incorporated in 1995, 24Vision started in 2016, combining 23 business-years, with a rebel spirit for renewing the way shipping conducts business. Or with Clearwater…

Jointly we are a start-up with a 23 years trackrecord. Our business dream is to partner by trust, transparency and innovation. Our burning ambition is to deliver our differentiators to shipowners and make ships perform.

With 75.000 merchant marine ships on the oceans, it is our goal to be your agile ship manager by partnering and by seamlessly embedding into your marine adventure. No gaps between the lines, our management is engaged and dedicated to performance, and is not capped by job descriptions nor corporate management lines.

“Grow bigger by staying small is our creed. We do not care who the biggest fish in the pond is, we are a whole different animal.”

Shipping often is said to be very conservative, and it mostly is. At the same time shipping also can be very advanced in technology used. Shipping spans the globe, with many fish in this large pond, shipping is vast and complex and fragmented in a zillion niches ranging from highly technological to very labor intensive, and from very global to totally local.

Clearwater just is to find it’s place in this arena. By finding those shipping entrepreneurs needing the trustworthy partner delivering transparency, innovation and performance.

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