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Synchronicity 2019

ClearWater-2100.jpg28 Feb

Synchronicities always pace themselves to your path, coming when they come, apparently coincidentally. We are in eager anticipation of 2019, especially of the synchronicities ahead.

So far synchronicity brought us much; starting 24Vision end 2015 with big plans and vast dreams and tons of ambition; joining forces with Clearwater in 2016; then growing the tankerfleet in 2017 to deploy the Clearwater DNA in ship management to a worldwide operating fleet.

2018 was a year of team development and improvement of our systems. More agility by direct digital, and APPs to give us data like it is air that you can just breathe in. Our team is open and directly engaged to work for the shipowner, we do not think in tasks and jobs, we think in terms of solutions, results and performance. By our drive for improvement we again secured substantial savings for the shipowners. Lean and agile we can adopt, adapt and improve fast. A prerequisite for being client centric.

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“With over 75.000 ships on the world’s oceans, even just aiming for a 0,1% market share is ambitous: 75 ships. For 2019 we envision ourselves siding with shipping entrepreneurs on their marine adventure. Making your ships perform, by our proprietary Clearwater approach. Facing all the challenges along the way and contributing to a positive voyage result.”

Agility, flexibility and our innovative spirit make us customer-centric by nature. Solutions first, solutions only, no of-the-shelf-product to sell. Just delivering candor, trust, speed, innovation and performance for success.

To synchronicity in 2019!

Meet our team Any questions?

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