Engaged crews
have made Clearwater
what it is today

a unique spirit of merchant marine attitude with the competency to deliver performance. With plenty seatime on our logs, it comes naturally for us to fully engage the crew in the marine adventure, in the same manner as we were engaged back in those days. 

Their commitment matches your marine adventure.

Commodotization in the 1990’s alienated crews from shipowners, where we all know in business we need commitment and joint focus and not diversion. So our crew is Human Capital on a mission, your mission. By aligning crew motivation with the shipowners’ venture.

Competency and attitude over nationality” Johan Gouma – QHSE Manager

We know
our crews

Knowing everybody on a first name basis helps a great deal. You can call on our crew to walk that extra mile. And our online feedback tool builds character and professional competency.

Engagement delivers performance.

Our crews are online connected with our system and get a term-planning well in advance to boost the quality of their family-lives. Our head start builds on engagement. Engagement is free, no add-on costs, no upcharge.


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