• Compliance is made from:
  • Best practices
  • Rules & Regulations & Codes
  • Our execution

Compliance is
our armory

Compliance is our armory in our quest for Zero Incidents. How? We project compliance forward, to move along with us, as a guardian, as a guide in safety and efficiency. Compliance is your guardian! No injury, no accident, no damage, no pollution is acceptable to us.

We want safety, we want health, we want zero spills.

Compliance is indispensable both to safety and efficiency. Our efficiency is propelled by our continuous improvement culture. Compliance without effectuation is thin air. Compliance needs YOU for execution. 

And fear not, even within our compliance framework your freedom to be the best in your work is limitless!

“Forward compliance travels along with you as your guardian.”


creates safety
prevents injuries
avoids spills
minimizes environmental impact
maximizes efficiency
manages resources


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