By experience we learned
what ships need

In the creation of Predictive Performance we traced distinctive best practices back to the source and started building from there. To set up performance the entire teams joint experience is deployed.

We slice and dice.

By our ship-centric approach we slice and dice till we have an approach for all mission-critical matters. Keeping a close watch we then iterate the performance continuously to match the performance solutions with the dynamics of the marine adventure.

“Simply the entire team is jointly and individually working on Performance of your ship. Combined our methods make performance Predictive.” 

Make ships

Like a smooth running gearbox the wheels in motion interact effectively to deliver a multi-disciplined Solution that exactly matches the required performance spectrum.

Crewing, Compliance, Technical, Procurement, all need to interact. 

Our open culture supports the process. Everybody is empowered to contribute and everybody is empowered to intervene. Performance is the only mission. And we are loving it.


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