in maintenance

Being SMART in maintenance brings a power of good to your ship. SMART first is in agile planning, -organizing and -execution. Second in novel technology with longer maintenance intervals, lower total-ownership costs and higher reliability. SMART undoubles work on planning, ordering and budgeting for maintenance work.

Allowing total focus on quality of execution of maintenance.

SMART keeps all equipment history and records central and SMART deals with tickets for technical follow up and remedial reports for technical remedies. Measuring devices and interpretation of data is next. Information is to be all around like air, justs breath it in and be SMART to improve performance by maintenance. Our SMART in maintenance is a continuous quest to make your ship perform better, longer, easier. 

Our rebel spirit fuels our drive for innovation

“We have developed a sense for choosing the SMART next step in break-through spares and materials, so we continuously progress in Maintenance performance.”

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