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Engaged Crew

Our mission is to crew your ship with engaged seafarers who are fully dedicated to your fleet. The crewing team of Clearwater is SRPS certified and takes care of everything you need to manage a modern fleet of vessels. 

We recruit, train, and develop the best crew to fit your fleet. To find the right people for you, we run a thorough selection procedure. 

Merchant Marine Attitude

Clearwater has a unique spirit of merchant marine attitude and the competency to deliver performance. With plenty of sea time on our logs, we know to fully engage the crew and make them feel valued as team members.

Our seafarers have a passion for shipping and the sea and follow all the necessary training throughout their careers. We also make sure all the internal regulations and requirements are followed and implemented.

Competency and attitude over nationality”

We know our crew

The focus on quality, efficiency, and personal contact is embedded in our crew management. Of course, we know the names of our multi-national seafaring members and value their work. 

We always set clear goals and communicate expectations. In working smart, we empower our people with the freedom to be the best in their job, and our Clearwater toolbox. Our crews are connected online with our system and get their schedules well in advance. This boosts the quality of their work-life balance.

Engaged Seafarers

We align crew motivation with your venture. Our seafarers are Human Capital on a mission, your mission. You can count on them to go the extra mile. Altogether, we deliver a stable and continuous crew planning, making Clearwater Ship Management a reliable and strategic partner.

We know our crew - Clearwater Group
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