Smart Maintenance

Clearwater operates all vessels in the safest and most efficient way. We ensure that your fleet operates according to; Shipowner requirements, Flag state and class requirements, Design requirements and Charterer requirements. Our specialized superintendents supervise the ships from the shore. Each superintendent covers all aspects of ship operations.

We provide services such as:

  • High-quality technical operations
  • Monthly and quarterly reporting on vessel performance 
  • Planning and supervision of dry-docking surveys, repairs, and conversions
  • Purchasing, logistic services, and contract negotiation
  • Commercial marine insurance
  • Regular condition assessment of vessels
  • Certification and compliance
  • Cost control
  • Newbuilding contracting and supervision
Smart Maintenance - Clearwater Group

These services are run with a computer-based planned maintenance system. This comprehensive, but easy-to-use tool, assists the crew on board and staff at the office.

Smart, agile and innovative - Smart Maintenance - Clearwater Group

Smart, Agile and Innovative

Clearwater maintains your ships in a smart and agile way. Our smart approach undoubles work on planning, ordering, and budgeting for maintenance work. We keep all equipment history and records in a central location. We process tickets for technical follow up and remedial reports for technical remedies. Measuring devices and interpretation of data is next. We are on a continuous quest to make your ship perform better, longer, and more efficiently.


Procurement is responsible for the supply of stock, spare parts on board of the vessels managed by Clearwater Ship Management. The vessel fuel oil bunkers can be arranged by us as well. We maintain comprehensive relationships with both local and European bunker suppliers and brokers. The purchaser builds and maintains strong relationships with suppliers to meet our price, quality, and delivery time standards.

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