A ClearVision in Ship Management

Predictive Performance
Smart Maintenance
Forward Compliance
Engaged Crew

Welcome to Clearwater Ship Management

Your Quality Ship Manager since 1995


Crew Management

Engaged Crew
Crew engaged to deliver performance is our Human Capital. We value Competency and attitude over Nationality. We have a passion for shipping and the sea. By selecting self-motivated crew for your vessel we get you the select crew with full focus on your voyage result.

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QHSE / Vetting

Forward Compliance
Forward compliance projects our quality drive forward. Making compliance light, no burden at all, guiding us with efficiency in our vessel operations.

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Technical Management & Purchasing

SMART Maintenance
Maximise uptime versus lowest total life cycle costs. SMART is in approach in knowledge and in technology. Being the shipmanager with an owners attitude we make maintenance SMART to boost the vessel’s performance. Optimised procurement is vital to excellence.

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Clearwater Ship Management manages 11 tanker vessels. Experienced in dry bulk, ropax, offshore, we exclude no segment. If it floats we can manage it, because we have the team and the experience.

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About us

“A ClearVision in Ship Management”

Maximizing your earnings versus costs; our Ship Management is a different value proposition for your voyage result. 

Clearwater joined forces with 24Vision to deliver “A ClearVision in Ship Management” by:

  • Predictive Performance
  • Smart Maintenance
  • Forward Compliance
  • Engaged Crews

Maximizing performance of any ship by our proprietary approach is our mission. Clearwater partners fully with the shipowner by working Direct Digital for speed and with Dynamic Transparency for visibility.

From Rotterdam we deliver full Ship Management: Crewing, Technical, QHSE, Vetting & Compliance, Purchasing, accounting, newbuilding supervision and commercial pre- and post-fixture management.

Specialized in tankers and bulkers, our experience covers reefers, MPP, Offshore, ferries; we exclude no segment.

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Mission & Vision

To excel in Ship Management by making ships perform.

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Clearwater Ship Management
Waalhaven O.z.  83 B 
Dockworks I, 1st Floor
3087 BM Rotterdam 
The Netherlands

Phone +31 10 820 9450  
E-mail info@clearwatergroup.nl

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