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Ship management and the importance of our human capital

“Customers will only love a company when employees love it first”, Simon Sinek once said (American author and motivational speaker). And we completely agree. Curious how we apply this in our work? Read all about the services of Clearwater Ship Management.

Meet Clearwater Ship Management

Clearwater Ship Management B.V. -  your quality ship manager since 1995. Our name is equal to the purest type of chemical compositions: clear water! Our specialty is tankers. Since 1995 we have specialized in tankers with a primary focus on worldwide and short-sea trade. Going through all market cycles ourselves, we learned to be a ship manager with an owner’s attitude.

ClearWater Ship Management
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Ship management and the best service

To offer you the best ship management and the best service, Clearwater maintains high standards for quality, safety, health and environment. Compliance is our armory. We value sharing knowledge and experience. Our culture exists of continuous improvement and we are constantly reviewing and improving our compliance through external and internal vettings and audits. Our key to success? Pro-activity!

Compliance is an important key to make sure everything on board is safe and efficient. Of course you can be sure that our compliance system will allow you to get the best results in your work.


  • Prevents injuries
  • Avoids spills
  • Creates safety
  • Minimizes environment impact
  • Maximizes efficiency
  • Manages resources

Ship management and smart maintenance

Clearwater operates all vessels in the safest and most efficient way. We ensure that your fleet operates according to shipowner-, charterer-, design-, flag state and class requirements.
The supervising of our ships by our superintendents takes place at the shore. All aspects of ship operations will be supervised.

Our provided services are:

  • Reporting monthly and quarterly on vessel performance
  • Providing high-quality technical operations
  • Planning and supervision of dry-docking surveys, conversions and repairs
  • Commercial marine insurance
  • Cost control
  • Regular condition assessment of vessels

Team ClearWater Ship management
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A clear vision in ship management

Ship owning is a testing venture: all challenges land in your lap and all risks are on your shoulder. A confidant siding on your marine adventure will be appreciated.

Our human capital is important, because people make ships perform. Our workplace culture is an open-minded, environment where performance is created by close collaboration without any gaps between the lines. We can only make the right decisions if we follow our core values. Open discussing helps to keep our focus sharp on the performance of the fleet.

Ships operate 24 hours per day and 365 days a year, so ship management does too. Besides the fact that our work is demanding, we have the passion to be focussed all these hours. The most important thing to handle this? A good balance between Life, Work and Play.

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Do you have any questions about ship management or anything else? Please contact us by phone or e-mail, or visit us!  Besides that, we always need new motivating employees. Working at Clearwater means being a member of the Clearwater Family! Contact us if you have interests in working with us.

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