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What is technical ship management? In this brief overview, you'll learn:

  • The benefits of third-party management of services essential to the operation and upkeep of ships.
  • The types of services rendered by technical ship management providers.
  • The qualities to look for in a competent technical ship management provider.

Owning and operating a vessel is an extremely complex and costly undertaking.For this reason, many ship owners turn to third parties that can provide the necessary expertise and economies of scale to keep their vessels running. This service is known as technical ship management, or full ship management, and it can refer to various essential aspects of vessel maintenance, as well as the management of business and administrative affairs.


Technical ship management services are often broadly divided into five categories:

  • Technical management
    Includes the handling of maintenance and repairs, ensuring the vessel runs at maximum efficiency with limited downtime for long service life. Technical management also concerns a vessel's safety management systems

  • Inspections
    Vessels are subject to inspections by multiple organizations and state agencies. Failure to pass such inspections by, for example, not having the correct documentation, can result in serious financial costs for the ship owner, or even prison time. What's more merchant vessels are required to drydock under maritime conventions for a hull survey twice within five years, with an intermediate inspection taking place within the first three of those five years. Drydocking itself takes considerable time and resources. A technical ship management provider handles this, as well as making sure the vessel passes the required inspections.

Every ship needs a competent crew.

  • Commercial services
    Technical ship management can extend to a vessel's business and commercial operations, such as financial administration, procurement, budgeting, and chartering.

  • New building
    New building refers to new vessel constructions as well as major modifications of existing ships. Typically a labour and capital-intensive project, a technical ship management provider needs to have the experience and expertise to manage new builds.


As a ship owner, there are clear advantages to using the services of a technical ship management company. Not all technical ship management companies are alike though. A competent provider will have access to the expert knowledge of marine engineers, procurement specialists, and technicians, as well as access to the most up-to-date shipping information technology and competitive insurance rates. They must also have extensive knowledge of maritime law and merchant shipping regulations.

Furthermore, an effective technical ship management company needs an international presence with officers and agents at ports worldwide to operate seamlessly wherever shipping services are required.Technical ship management demands detailed and well-established processes, from planned maintenance systems and safety management systems to maritime procurement systems, that can bring down the costs of operating a vessel and which can evolve to changing circumstances.


Clearwater boasts years of honed expertise as a trusted technical ship management provider. With our services, we guarantee an engaged, well-trained crew, and high standards for quality, health, safety, and the environment that conform to all relevant laws and regulations. We also specialize in smart maintenance systems that ensure your vessels operate safely and efficiently at all times.

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